Halal Catering Products

Halal Breakfast Sausage (Chicken or Beef) A fine blend of selected chicken meat with fresh herbs or gently smoked beef.

Halal Cocktail Sausage (Chicken or Beef) A choice of small sausages made of selected lean meat.

Halal Veal Sausage Fine blend mixture of veal meat flavoured with mild herbs.

Halal Hot Dog (Chicken or Beef) A well flavoured blend of lean meat. And all time classic.

Halal "Sosis Ayam" or "Sosis Sapi" (Chicken or Beef) A semi coarse mixture of selected meat, carefully seasoned with fine herbs.

Halal Meat Ball /  Bakso (Chicken or Beef) Medium sized meat balls made from lean meat and snap frozen. Ideal for your daily use and caterings.

Halal Smoked Beef Ham Selected and marinated beef muscle traditionally smoked.

Halal Beef Breakfast Ham Prime beef muscle marinated and traditionally smoked.

Halal Beef Pastrami Prime selected beef marinated and coated with original pastrami spices.